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Survivor Needs Evaluation Services

Family Survivor Needs Discovery Process

  • Every family situation is unique.  For all families, however, the untimely death of a parent is a dark, emotional tsunami.  In order for a family to survive and recover, it is critically important for children to remain in their home, keep their friends, go to the same school, and receive the love, care, and support of family and friends.  For all this to happen, the family will need money.
  • Jim and Jonathan will meet with you to discuss the life you want for your family – whether you are here or not.  We will gather all relevant information needed to evaluate your family situation.

The Strategic Design

  • We will create a customized Survivor Needs Model that will allow you to see the financial situation your spouse could face.
  • We will prepare recommendations and a life insurance analysis that will address your family financial needs.

The Action Blueprint

  • Jim and Jonathan will review with you the various alternatives with recommendations on the life insurance plan that will provide you with the best results.
  • Once you decide upon the appropriate life insurance plan, we will work with you to implement the program in a timely, professional, and hassle-free manner.

Additional Unique Support Services

  • Jim and Jonathan will discuss estate planning topics, such as the importance of a Will, Health Care proxy, Durable Power of Attorney, Business Succession Planning, etc.  If needed, we will recommend an attorney to assist you to implement any legal documents appropriate to meet your planning objectives.
  • We will provide monthly e-information on the world of insurance and finance.
  • We will periodically repeat The LPG Process to assure your life insurance is meaningful and aligned with your family vision.